The Wonderful World of Poetry – Topic of Healing and Going Forward in Life!

Poetry is said to be one of the things that people read but some not often. It fares them better to read novels and other fiction reading that gives them stamina and drive to get through life. In this world there are naturally other worlds that people are driven to be in.They go from one extreme to another in search of peace and happiness. Some oftentimes find it in the world of poetry. As often as some pick up a book they find solace in poetry.When we first come into this world we are given a gift or gifts by Almighty GOD, it’s a richness that comes with life. It may not be in monetary blessings or good health but it is truly in writing and other gifts. This gift is soon realized with time; mostly grandparents, parents, other family members, teachers, and others find out the gifts that we have sometimes before we realize it has come upon us. Once uncovered it has no end to its blessings and goals.The world of poetry brings solace to us, writer/poets and others by ways of healing sorrows and giving us hope to go forward in life. It is firstly, a healing process that comes with poetry. It’s reached because people search for healing to every day problems and self-help avenues as a daily way of life. After realizing that poetry helps one reach a plateau that’s searched for, one can then go forward in life, realizing that life offers comfort through poetry. The writing of poetry heals as well as reading of poetry does.The contrast of poetry versus the novels is that one gives a drive to life and other gives a drive to the heart to go forward in life. Now, both drives the enthusiasm to a level of freedom but poetry is the one that stays in a comfortable state of mind. A healing state and a state of being driven into a positive nature in life is where poetry ought to lead you.Writers and readers alike love the poetry flowing off of the lips of others even though they may not want to read it for themselves. A novel is nice and poetry is superb in its own world.When one ask others to help them with a problem, poets goes to work automatically searching the universe for comfort to its listener. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out poetry, it heals instantly if the reader and writer alike agree upon its end or not. In order to write to help a suffering listener, a poet thrives to maintain the happy medium between the problem and the solution at hand. The poet then write the negatives into the positives, so the not so happy, nervous listener afterwards will have solved their own problems through the piece of poetry, that just soothed their mind and heart.In so doing that, soothing their mind and heart, the listener, reader and writer alike can then go forward in life. It’s just that easy, for when we turn the negatives into the positives we are free to do whatsoever and be whomsoever GOD Almighty wants us to be. If for instance a teacher was mean or seem to be mean, it will fare the listener with the problem a better solution to hear of the teacher paying more attention to the much needed students than themselves. Therefore rendering the teacher not as mean, but that less attention was needed for the troubled listener, versus the others in the class.That bit of solution written into poetry renders the teacher as courteous and the troubled student (listener) as healed. They then feel better about themselves and the teacher, thereby rendering them both good people to be around. Smiles are present and the problem is solved. No more bad teacher and no more ignored student. Some things in life are better by morning. That’s what poetry does to one’s heart, mind and soul it gives a better view in life. Life is not as bad as it seems. It sometimes just takes understanding and love, with a bit of compassion to reach its goal in life. People can then go forward with sweet, kind words that bring healing.The topic of healing and going forward in life thrives on poetry when it is written to heal and drive one forward. Poetry is a derivable portion of life if used in love. The Real Love of GOD Almighty does not hurt, but is to deliver and set free the souls that’s lonely and are hurting from a misunderstanding or other hurtful gesture. Poetry will set you free no sooner than you read it, other than move you forward in life. Come to grips with life, read poetry, write poetry in an inspirational uplifting manner and you are almost there. You are then richly on your way to wonderful world.Check your senses and see if poetry is your gift, if it is cultivate it, if not read poetry that will bring your problems under wraps. Kindly be a friend to yourself, for it will take yourself to bring you out of a situation. GOD and you know yourself better than anyone else. Search for the answer, firstly from GOD Almighty Himself, in The Holy Bible and search it out through poetry. Be the first to say you’re sorry, be the first to admit victory not defeat! You are victorious, on a journey that you’ve never been on before, break through and live your life freely, independently and vibrantly. Let poetry bring life to you! You will never be the same. Watch the smile on a poet’s face, you can have it too!